Tribute to Roger Pressley

Roger & hound dog, Elvis

May 1, 1957-January 11, 2023

After a long battle with melanoma my brother Roger passed away. I know he was right with God and now has no pain or suffering. He is eternally healed and with Jesus. He will be missed but I am glad he suffers no more. He is survived by his two sons, Aaron and Andrew.

His son, Andrew…

“Last night at 1045 my Dad was called to Heaven to be with Pawpaw. For the last year he fought for every minute to be here and even beat the first diagnosis of only living for 3 months. He has done more for me than most people know. He taught me to cook, fish, hunt, and even turned me into a pretty good handy man. I’m glad he found his peace and can finally rest without worry or pain. Dad I’ll miss you and I’ll never forget playing in the sand as kid on the job site, learning to drive and you yelling at me lol, riding horses and all of the adventures we went on. Thank you for everything and even though we lost you here on earth I am sure that one day you will be waiting for me in Heaven with a fishing pole in your hand and you will have all of the secret spots found. This isn’t goodbye but instead I’ll see you later. Everyone please hold your family close and say a prayer for ours.”


Aaron & Roger

Sorry it took so long for me to add something.  I have been fighting with myself on what would be acceptable for something like this. I apologize in advance for any language that may be frowned upon. My father was nothing short of one of the last true Cowboys alive.  He was a true badass. He took no crap from anyone.  Taught me to be tough as nails. He was a John Wayne.  I saw this dude break his finger while on a horse trying to break it. He taped it up with popsicle sticks and got back on it. I told him it was a very bad idea lol. His horse reared up shortly after he got back on it and it split his nose. Then finally he sought medical attention.  My father was also a Jack of All Trades. He hated paying anyone for something he thought he could do or master.  He was my Tim the Toolman Taylor.  I saw him send an arc flash up a wall trying to do electrical.  To something really insane…  He tied a rope to the top of a tree after leaning an extension ladder against it. Wait it gets better. He had already cut the base of the tree before climbing up to attach the rope.  He somehow dodged danger. He then goes on to tell me to drive his truck with the rope tied to it. I said, ‘Hell no’ that would bring the tree down on top of your truck and you will kill me. “He said just drive faster”… lol then he drove the truck pulling the tree down on top of our chicken coop. I was laughing so hard I had to leave before he killed me. He taught me to fight.  A friend of mine and a worker of my father’s made the mistake of taking my dad’s kindness for granted. He broke in my dad’s house and stole a bunch of stuff which isn’t important.  Well, the dummy left clues and it wasn’t long before my dad and I figured out who stole from him. These guys were so stupid they came over to hangout.  My dad and I locked them in a shed and gave them an old fashioned can of whoop butt. The hospital reported they looked like they had been in a car accident.  It was awesome.  He didn’t run from a fight nor let anyone he cared about be messed with. I also want to thank my uncle Tim Pressley for getting in touch with me in his final months.  I’m sure everyone knows my father and I didn’t always see eye to eye. And I and very thankful because of my uncle I was able to talk to him and apologize for not always being a good son. I loved him very much and will always be grateful for the life lessons he taught me.

Ben & Roger in Rapid City, SD

I am Roger’s older brother, Ben. It seemed to me that Roger had a hard life most of his life. He made lots of bad choices in his life but anyone who really knew him would say deep down he was a great person. He was complicated. He loved hunting, fishing, family, painting and stone masonry. He created many beautiful brick and stone creations on houses. He also painted many oil paintings that were beautiful. He had a great sense of humor.
Roger loved nature. He loved hunting and fishing especially. He also loved horses. I think the happiest I ever saw him was when he had his own ranch and horses. He lived a while in Mississippi with my uncle, Ray and learned to train horses and barrel race.
Roger and me fought a lot as kids, I mean out and out fist fights! It just seemed like fun to him. I remember he and a friend of his named Jamie Rhodes jumped me one time in a church parking lot. It was all in fun just roughnecking. We weren’t trying to hurt each other. I would toss them around like ragdolls and they would come in for more.  One time he dumped a whole bottle of black pepper on my head while standing on the kitchen table. I remember one elementary school we attended always had a line waiting for us everyday to beat us up but we always went through them like a gauntlet and came out pretty well, mostly thanks to Roger. He sure could fight! As teenagers we were always up to something. Mostly stuff we aren’t so proud of now but God protected us and we survived. When he moved faraway to South Dakota we didn’t get to hang around much since I lived in North Carolina. I am glad I did get to spend some time in SD with him though before he got bad sick. Talking to him on the phone was tough sometimes since his health was getting bad. I am glad we got to talk though. He talked a lot about God so that lets me know he was right with him. I remember he was actually a good Bible teacher at one time. He had a lot to do with me getting saved. I was living wide open in sin and moved away from home and for a while no one knew where I lived and I wanted it that way. I remember one night though him and my cousin, Danny Lindsey were out witnessing to others about Christ and they prayed and asked God to show them where I lived and he showed one of them the street and the other one the house I lived in. It was quite a shock and a miracle to me.

A Tribute To My Brother Roger
Cathy Logan
   He was always a challenge growing up. We didn’t know what bothered him so much inside. He got in some trouble and had a bad temper but still would defend and fight for me and his siblings if someone messed with us. He was a good fighter.

Roger & Cathy at Sturgis, SD

   Roger also had another side. He came to know the Lord when he was younger and believed with all his heart. He told me he was praying one time and was filled with the Holy Spirit while praying for me. He witnessed to people and served the Lord.
He later got away from God for a while and had a lot of bad breaks in life. I think he was unhappy because he had turned from the Lord. Satan tried to destroy him mentally and physically. No matter what state he was in Roger always had a good heart.
    He was talented in his painting. He loved to fish. He was always a hard worker. He didn’t ever want help from anyone. He wanted to do it himself but wasn’t always able to. He was sweet and kind to me and seemed to love to hear from me and I am sure from his family and friends also. He would always end with please pray for me so I know he never stopped believing even though he expressed it at times.
    I am so grateful I got to speak to him a couple days before he passed though and it was hard to hear him struggling physically. He did confess his sins and came back to Christ. He will be missed greatly but thank God for his mercy that he left the 99 and never gave up on him and went back for Roger even at the end of his life. I know he is with our Lord and until we meet again Roger, I will miss your voice and I love you so much.
Your sister,


Brothers: Tim, Roger, Rick

Who is This Man
By Tim Pressley
  During his high school and middle school years he was brought through a system that was integrating schools, busing them and us to the other side of town to get balance. This created a great deal of racial tensions which resulted in daily fights and riots in our school system. Only making him tougher than what he already was. He just wasn’t a system person and always went against the grain not accepting the so-called norm… you can imagine being the youngest brother coming up behind legends such as Him. Teachers immediately branding you and letting you know “ oh you are His brother” of which I was proud to be. Moving forward in time I remember him as many things a defender, a fisherman, a hunter, an honest man who never lied no matter what the cost. I remember him as an artist of stone masonry. One of the only ones who started at the top of the wall and worked down laying stone. Always laying it out on the floor and putting it together like a puzzle before installing it. His work always fitting together perfectly. I remember many times of him being an intercessor and stepping between me and the adversary who would be attacking. One particular time a man was headed towards me to do me harm and he quickly had a brick hammer in hand and said, “you touch him you will have to go through me.” Quickly telling me to get off the job leaving himself there alone in danger of attack. It was just who he was. I remember going to Chicago because his oldest son was only a child and in danger, sleeping on the floor in a house full of drug users. We drove all night got there and he walked in the house with no fear took him up and we drove back to Charlotte because he was in danger. He raised him as a single parent having no idea what or how to be a parent. Did he do everything right? Not likely but he did follow his heart as always and got him out of danger.
    I remember rainy days when we decided not to go to work in downtown Charlotte on a commercial job and ended up at the fishing hole. Even as I was telling him they would fire us if we didn’t go in, he said “F**k it you only live once.” This resulted in us loosing that job but that same day there was an accident where a beam went through two floors and killed a brick mason in the same area we would have been working. He always went with his gut right or wrong. Fishing… don’t get me started. It was a passion of his. We went on many journeys of deep-sea fishing, trout fishing where I had all the gear and he comes up with a trout on line about 16 inches long with just a regular pole and some crazy lure. Just couldn’t do nothing with him.
   He was my brother, my friend, my defender, my intercessor and many more things. Who is this man? We are all looking for a savior but if there was ever a Jesus, a Peter on this earth it was him. Jesus was the warrior who just would not tolerate hypocrisy, Peter was the man that would not allow anyone to take his Lord and cut off a mans ear, Jesus was the man who flipped over the tables and did not allow them to take from the poor. Jesus hung out with common people and made them feel special. My brother impacted so many people that he never realized he did. Even after his death a little old lady came up to us and gave me a hug and told me how sweet he was, and she would bring him food all the time and they would talk. She hugged me for a long time and cried at his loss only knowing him for a short time.
   Who is this Man? How can a man like David or Peter be a man after God’s heart and be so troubled? A murderer, a warrior, a brawler, all these things but so special to God? It is what God saw in the heart. The passionate artist who stood for truth and always saw things between the lines. Though here for only a short time (just like Christ) please let me impact the world around me with kindness and truth. I hope I can always be that nobody that makes a difference in somebodies life like you were. My brother, my friend you will be missed.

Roger’s favorite thing: Fishing!
When we were kids: Ben, Roger, Rick, Tim Cathy
Cathy, Tim, Mom, Roger

From Cousin Barbara

“Roger and I had been talking for about a year on facebook video chatting and just voice chat mostly. We talked a lot about God. Roger asked me a few months back if Jerry was afraid when it was his time to go, I told him of course he had fear but through his fear he accepted what was going to happen. We talked we prayed a lot over the past 6 months. I’m going to miss those late night calls. My heart is broken but I know that Roger has no more pain or fear he is with Our Savior Jesus Christ and will be there for eternity with no more pain or suffering. I know he was right with God before he went. Our time on this earth is like a blink of the eye compared to the eternity we have to look forward to with Jesus. We will all suffer a physical earthly death, but we all can look forward to the eternal life with Jesus. So until we see each other again I will always have you in my heart Roger.”
—Barbara Woosley


I have many good memories of Roger and will miss him. I will probably be adding to this page with more pictures and with anything anyone wishes to share. If you have something to share send it to me at my EMAIL




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