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RAVENQUEST could possibly be the most exciting and original fantasy/fiction series you have ever read. It is original. The adventures are unique. The characters and mythology are original. It is a world like no other.

RAVENQUEST takes place in the world of Terra Zem with the chief character Raven who has left his village of birth due to all the in-fighting, so-called progress with no regard for those it affects or what kind of world is being left for future generations. He lives very comfortably and simply off the land surviving with the companionship of two wolves, Altair and Alkula and their pups and a feisty, mischievous bobcat named Platis. One day he meets a female named Leolas who has also struck out on her own trying to fight off a bear that is determined to kill and eat her. Raven rescues her and they fall in love. Leolas is given a name of purpose by Raven and becomes known as Skyeyes. They have a great and a simple life then one day they discover a sword in a cave as well as some other items and their life is changed forever. Their adventures take them all over Terra Zem and they meet many creatures and become the heroes of Terra Zem.


Raven has completed writing Book 7 of the exciting RAVENQUEST series. It is entitled THE WEEPING WARRIOR. This latest volume in the series will not disappoint the readers and fans of RAVENQUEST. It is full of excitement and new characters and exciting news about the continuation of the series at the end. You don’t want to miss Book 7.


Very often I base characters on people I know and SHADOWS END is no exception. I have a friend that has had cerebral palsy from birth and struggles with the many challenges that represents. He has not let his disabilities become liabilities though and has not let it define him. His name is

Justin Harvey. He has a radio show. He was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He has interviewed many of the greats in martial arts, wrestling and action movies as well as many others. You will love the character I built for him, WARPATH. Warpath is an ancient warrior of the Strixus. 

I will let Warpath introduce himself. 

warpath-2Here is an except from SHADOWS END. I will try to not give you any spoilers:

“I am Justinian Warpath. My people are the Strixus. To understand our history I must take you back to a time before our great reformer, Yuma Flameseeker. Before him our history is nothing but that of the warrior and the battle. From very young every child’s games and waking moments were filled with thoughts of war; their every game was only preparation for war.  Even as early as seven Solaris every child was taken from their homes and trained to be warriors or die on the battlefield in their weakness. At twenty Solaris they were required to leap into a pit of ravaging hungry lions with only one other warrior and a spear for each of them. They had to kill every beast or die trying. Any child that was born with what they considered a deformity or any diminished physical or mental capacity were to be discarded even as a baby. Such were the ways of the Strixus under Kaga Bloodshield. 

As the story continues you learn of Warpath’s parents Yuma Flameseeker and Tabitha Lone spear and how Warpath was born:

It was not long before Yuma and Tabitha begat a child of their own. The child they gave birth to was not one that would have been allowed to live under Kaga Bloodshield’s rule for his legs and his eyes seemed weak. But this was a new day and a new Strixus and Yuma and Tabitha loved their boy. Through the years they never gave up and they massaged and worked and pulled his legs in the warm effervescent pools of the surrounding cascades and constantly prayed to Eli for his healing. They even pushed him around in a little chair with wheels on it. As he grew older he even rolled the wheels for himself to get around. This gave him incredible upper body strength and even allowed him to climb vines and swing into the water and swim. They consulted with the Arcamagi and they prescribed herbs for his eyes and medicines to strengthen him and before long the boy could stand and see and would one day grow up to lead his people and be the voice of a an entire nation. That boy was named Justinian. That boy was me. As I grew I earned the name Warpath and now here we are among you far from Mirrorhold. There are still those who live there but I too had a dream and walked in the realm of the Shamanii as did my father and I was called to lead a certain group of warriors to this place to observe and to teach and to learn more of the ways of Eli and here we are.”

Warpath travels with the Shadow Reavers throughout this book and he and his brother in arms, Boneyard have many great adventures and battles you don’t want to miss reading about.

Thanks Justin for your continued inspiration to so many.

justin-ray-harveyHere is a link to his recorded shows and his YouTube channel:






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Are you ready for a sneak peek at the cover for book 7 of RAVENQUEST: THE WEEPING WARRIOR?


There is a weeping in the land….It haunts everyone as they sleep and even during the day. Who it is no one knows and how is it possible that everyone hears it? Then HE appears; ragged robes, a shrunken bony face with eyes and mouth sewn shut and everywhere he goes he weakens those that have the misfortune to see him. Who is this being of darkness? What can be done? The Nascentia brought so much peace and unity to the land. It is up to the Shadow Reavers once again to right what is wrong. In this volume of RAVENQUEST we see the twin son and daughter of Raven and Skyeyes particularly shine and they step into their calling. Walk with the Shadow Reavers once again. Find out who this weeping one is. And get ready to catch your breath with an ending you won’t believe! COMING OUT DECEMBER 2016!

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