ravenquest-more-tha-a-storyRAVENQUEST has been and continues to be such a journey for me. It has given me the opportunity to project in a creative way into our world a vision of a world where all creatures live in peace and harmony with one another. Yes, there are villains along the way but throughout this exciting story the reader senses an overarching philosophy that we are more alike than different and that we all have gifts to share with our world. What a world we would have if everyone were respected equally.

My desire with this project is to raise the funds to get this message out by publishing my books on a larger scale than self publishing I have done so far. To create a community where this philosophy can be encouraged. I need the funds to promote this message into the world by written word, T-shirts, action figures and one day a movie!..whatever it takes to draw people into this world so that this message may carry over into the real world.



ravenquest-adventure-u-wont-4get-2Let me leave you with this thought, a quote from one of my books:  “Listen to the voice of the Creator. He speaks in every breath of every living thing. He has breathed the Skyebara upon us, a world cleansing but a planting not an uprooting. What has the Creator planted in you? Have you taken time to meditate and hear the voice he casts upon the wind? Have you heard his roar in the waterfall and the water that flows? Though we are many yet we are one. There are those of us who have scales, some skin, some fur, some feathered but we all have the same blood that flows, pumped by the very heart of the Creator. There are warriors and there are poets among us. But I show you a mystery for within every poet is a warrior and in every warrior is a poet. Every warrior does not carry a weapon of steel in his hand or bends a bow. Some carry weapons in the words they speak and write. Can a word be mightier than a sword? I say yea it is so! For every sword raised to defend the innocent the bearer must first hear a word within. Our thoughts become our deeds. It is the poet that empowers the heart of the warrior. It is the warrior who empowers the heart of the poet. Say not that it is the poet who is weak and the warrior that is strong. Yea, I say unto you they are one in the same. One wields a sword and another a pen but they are one in the heart of the Creator and one in the ether and one in the Skyebara. Ponder these words. Let them be fire shut up in your bones but also let them be a pillow your head rests upon in the darkness and be at peace. Now come. Let us feast together. There is plenty at the table of the Creator. Come one and all. Bring what you have to the table. Call not what you bring small or large, call it not nothing or something just come and be filled.”

—Mitra the Oracle, Book 5 of RAVENQUEST, ‘Stars Will Fall’


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