ravenquest-more-tha-a-storyRAVENQUEST has been and continues to be such a journey for me. It has given me the opportunity to project in a creative way into our world a vision of a world where all creatures live in peace and harmony with one another. Yes, there are villains along the way but throughout this exciting story the reader senses an overarching philosophy that we are more alike than different and that we all have gifts to share with our world. What a world we would have if everyone were respected equally. Read the books….Join the community.
RAVENQUEST is truly one of the best fantasy books to come along in a long time. Everyone who reads it loves it. This series is the best and most exciting in fantasy books for adults and yet is family-friendly enough to also be the best fantasy books for kids. If you like fantasy books live Volume 1: Here Be dragons is available for free and read by the author himself. We hope you will read all 7 volumes and agree that RAVENQUEST is truly the best fantasy book series you have read in a long time!


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