The Three Levels of Spirituality


By Benjamin Raven Pressley

    I have a good friend named Dani’el Garvin. Dani’El is a Miq’maq elder, believer and follower of Jesus/Yahshua, missionary, and author. He wrote a poem called the Three Levels of Spirituality that intrigued me. It is, of course, much more than a poem. I think it capsulizes and explains this subject better than anything I have read.
The fact is that you cannot deny that there are levels of spirituality. Coming up in a traditional Christian church I was always taught that there was God and the devil, period. But if you read the Holy Bible objectively you will find it speaks of three levels of spirituality. What are these three levels? Perhaps knowing what the three levels are will help you evaluate what level you are on and help you decide where you need to be. I wrote this with respect to all sincere seekers of truth and hope it will challenge and cause all to examine their spirituality with a sincere and open mind.



This level is the occult like Wicca, sorcery, witchcraft, satanism, tarot cards, animal magic, sacrifice, mind control and a belief they have a dominance of power, believing they can manipulate dark spirits, demons, principalities and powers. Shamanism falls into this level. Shamanism has become a very generic term in the New Age but originally its origins are Siberian, claiming to control forces of the dark side. Druid “New agers” declare the god within. This level is where some pagan and New Agers throw in things like trolls, fairies, and little people. In this world, herbs, chants, and fantasies abide. Demon spirits deceive and take many forms.


     This level is the church as an organized religious institution controlled by man NOT the true church referenced by Christ where two or three gather together in His name (Matthew 18:20) and that the gates of hell shall not prevail against (Matthew 16:18).  It is religion, rules, and attempts to reach God. It is basically man creating God in his own image, a god they can control and manipulate that isn’t even God at all. Religion historically has been used to control people. Jesus did not come to Earth to start another religion, he came to set us free and connect us back to a relationship with the Creator Loving Christian family is best soil for vocations, Pope writes | Catholic News Agencywhom he called Father. Beware even of the origins of the term ‘God’.  It originated from the German word “gad” for gad fly, which was a sensual term. Does that mean we shouldn’t use the term ‘God’ for the true and living God? Not necessarily but it does explain why the term can be so randomly thrown about and used comfortably for everything from Baal to whatever you want to call God. In other words, beware that every religion and belief system that uses the term ‘God’ may not be referring to the holy God YHWH Jehovah of the Bible. This level includes Christianity as a religion where emperor Constantine tried to rework the Christian “Jesus” into a western Greek/Roman/Constantinian pagan rebirth of the church in his image. Buddhist Monk Images – Browse 101,550 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe StockThis was the birth of Catholicism which spread and grew into a powerful political influence. It was Catholicism that Infiltrated through explorers into the new world, that brought the atrocities that were afflicted and forced on the Native American. Queen Isabel commissioned Columbus to slaughter the Tiano Indians and to conquer in Jesus’ name. The Catholic Church slaughtered many Native American tribes rounding up native children in gunboats. Indian children were taken from parents to be assimilated into boarding schools to strip them of their culture, language, regalia, and family ties.
    Level two also includes other religions; Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and the like. It also includes mainline cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons. It Includes ungodly forms of meditation, chakras and chants, Ramah in the Ramayana and Reincarnation. It also includes the dualistic mixture of yin and yang, good and evil, light and darkness.


     Level three is where God wants us to be. This level is about a personal relationship with God the Father, Creator, the one and only true God. It is about a relationship restored by his son Yeshua, also known commonly as Jesus, born to the Jews, wrought miracles on Earth, taught us and connected us to he, the only way, truth and life and made it possible for us to be restored into right relationship with the Father because of the sacrifice he made by giving his very own life on a Roman cross and rose again from the dead and sent his Holy Spirit to dwell within us and lead us into all truth. He was and is the one and only God man; Messiah, the source of all love, giving dignity to women, the poor, the downcast. His name means, “Yahweh is salvation” named after His loving heavenly Father. He can only be known and dispensed by Roark HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, the Great Spirit, a person of the godhead and power combined with love. It is he who speaks a “Rhema” personal word. It is he who is our created purpose and destiny challenging us to come up higher, unlimited. He bids us to come, taste and see. This alone is true spirituality. All the other levels are deceptions and lies.

As my friend Dani’El puts it: “I appreciate that you believe in the supernatural, and that you would like more supernatural empowerment in your life. However, if you become trapped or fixated in lower-level supernatural systems, your life might become more aligned with the dark-side, which will really work against your desires and daily life.
 “As a Native American, I do believe in care taking mother earth, and that all things have life. I talk to animals, pray over trees, and believe in the teachings of the medicine wheel. In sweat lodge I frequently have visions and dreams, and connect with the spirit world and our ancestors directly.
  “Therefore, I highly recommend that you come up to a higher level of supernatural empowerment, and not get stuck in levels one and two. Most people stuck in the self-effort of religion don’t really believe or experience the real supernatural realm. Those who are into pagan pursuits, believe like us Indians, however experience great cost associated with trying to manipulate dark-side forces with chants and spells
 “I challenge you to come up higher into the light where the real action is, and leave behind these other inferior ways of empowerment. When one decides to come up higher, it is essential to come through the gatekeeper Creator’s Son Yahshua, who opens this higher realm where one can soar with angels and other supernatural beings through the power of the Great Spirit.
 “At the gate one must come humbly, and confess that they cannot manage or control their lives through self-effort, and that they need empowerment from the Creator to come alive spiritually. He gives you the invitation with open arms, “Come back home into my heart of love, from where you originated.” When you pass through the gate, you enter a new dimension spiritually where unbelievable miracles happen.”

    Jesus did no less than this when he spoke his words. Jesus had great respect for all religions as do I and I read and ponder many great quotes and sayings by many people. Jesus made the respect he had very clear when he said “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.” (Matthew 5:17). That explains a lot! Think about it. He wasn’t just speaking of Judaism and the Mosaic Law. He was saying, ‘Hey Earth, you have made a big mess out of spirituality, you have created religions and rules so difficult you can’t even live up to them yourself and I have come with good news! Your every belief system, no matter what it is is fulfilled in me. I am the way, the truth and the life that your spiritual longings have longed for. You have distanced yourself farther and farther from God and true spirituality year after year after year with all your systems. Some of you have meant well but I’m here to tell you that you have made it too difficult and too complicated but I am here to straighten all that out, to give you clarity and I have good news for you: no matter how evil or religious you are I have come to bring truth and forgiveness and a chance to start fresh and new.” This was not a con job or the start of another religion. It was a line drawn in the sands of eternity. The truth would no longer be a relative thing. What is good and what is evil would no longer be in the hands of humans to decide. It never really was; it was just a grand illusion that was perpetrated in the Garden of Eden and just grew and became more complex all through time. Jesus was saying the truth was not a code or set of rules or even facts; it was a person, Jesus himself. God the Creator took on a form of flesh that we humans could relate to. He reminded us and declared that he was, is and always will be the truth. How could the truth be anything else than the Creator? He was, is and will always be the only one with all the knowledge, all the power and the only one good enough. He was the only one that was perfectly love, perfectly unbiased, perfectly objective enough to be so.
    Jesus alone FULFILLED all the prophets and religions and declared that HE was the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6); not just another way, truth or life. He alone could claim this because he was not just a man but God/Creator become man. Till we accept that the TRUTH became flesh and dwelt among us EVERYTHING else is just a powerless substitute. ALL people need a savior. We cannot save ourselves. Only one figure in history was completely impartial and willing to die for all: Jesus. Religion is nothing more than MAN creating God into an image that suits them and approves of their selfishness and prejudice. Anytime people try to create a system of serving God they fall out of relationship and intimacy with God. Those who are in a TRUE relationship with their Creator know they are loved, accepted and have no need of a religion or a prophet’s approval. Relationship and Truth are about giving. Only TAKERS need a religion to justify their evil. People that live in harmony with all things know everything they do is a prayer. We need to rid our consciousness of ALL religions and trade it for a RELATIONSHIP with God, people and all creation.

His invitation is open to all no matter how good or bad you perceive yourself to be. He invites you to leave your past behind and come to him forsaking your past and all past attempts to spirituality. He is the great equalizer and accepts all rich or poor, good or bad. He levels the playing field as he says ‘ALL have fallen short of the glory of God’ (Romans 3:23). He invites us all to start fresh and new and makes that possible as we lay aside pride and admit we are sinners in need of a savior and ask him to do what only he can do. He alone knows who we really are and he alone is able to take us from where we are to where we need to be. He awaits you to call upon his name in prayer and ask him to reveal himself to you as only he can and to come alongside you as you go through this life and guide you through every step of the way.




Middle earth, lower earth, where trolls, fairies, and little people hide;
In this world, herbs, chants, and fantasies abide-
Wicca, sorcery, witchcraft try to soar and fly;
Animal magic, sacrifice, mind control and dominance of power-
Dark spirits, demons, principalities and powers, all make one cower;
A price to pay for power given-
Yet in the end one’s own soul, cut into ribbons;
Siberian shamanism tries to control forces of the dark side-
Only to be taken over, and looking for a place to hide;
Druid “New agers” declare the god within-
God help the world if I am God, a woman full of sin;
This is the first level of spirit journey-
Level two is crammed with attempts at perfecting the self;
The church, religion, rules, rules, fills the shelf-
Attempts to reach God, whose name originated from the German word “gad” for gad fly;
A sensual term,
Trying with effort to reach him makes one feel like a worm-
Then the Christian “Jesus” reborn of western Greek/Roman/Constantinian pagan rebirth of the church;
Infiltrated through explorers into this new world, in his name-
Queen Isabel (Jezebel) commissioned Columbus who slaughtered Tiano Indians to conquer in Jesus’ name;
The Catholic Church did the same, arriving at my tribe-
Rounding up native children in gunboats, we could not abide;
Indian children taken from parents to assimilation boarding schools-
To strip our culture, language, regalia, and family ties…we felt like ghouls;
Our names were taken, replaced with a number-
Then forcibly fed to lustful priests in pedophile rings;
Forced castrations, murder, and rape-
We were so damaged we no longer could sing;
Raping our land, natural resources, our mother, our life support system with avarice and greed-
This Jesus we rejected, don’t even try to plant a seed;
On level two are other religions; Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and the like-
Then those who try for money to operate out of the psyche;
Try hard to pull yourself up through levels by meditation, chakras and chants-
Ever Ramah in the Ramayana couldn’t do this without Hanoman’s help;
Reincarnation, dualistic mixture of yin & yang-
Good & evil, light & darkness, brings pollution the same
Like trying to leap across the Grand Canyon, only failing with a rant-
Trying to be your own higher power, yet constantly failing with a yelp;
Yes I hate religion! I want the real!
The third level ahead, I soon shall seal;
A doorway opens into the third heaven and appears-
Enter by protocol, humility and tears;
The door is Yeshua the real…a tribal person He is the seal!
The great High Chief of the Lion tribe, miraculous birth, the God/man, prophet and healer-
A Jew, who most won’t abide;
Messiah, the source of all love, giving dignity to women, the poor, the downcast-
His name means, “Yahweh is salvation” named after His loving Daddy and very much the same;
365- Names for the different facets of Creator Yahweh-
One Elohim strong Creator, another El Shaddai, the breasted one, who like a mother nurtures and sustains;
Another El Rohee, helps us to see-
Our path ahead, our destiny;
Enter through the door; see light and life– my name Okinow, bringer of light and life-
Suddenly immersed in indescribable peace and love from above;
Dispensed by Roark HaKodesh, the Great Spirit, power combined with love-
The supernatural world opens up before our spirits, fully alive;
Suddenly bright bluish angels appear-
To minister and give messages from our “Daddy Creator;”
Abba, Ayah, we were created out of His heart of love, He longs for our return-
When will we ever learn?
Dance and sing with angel song, what could be wrong?
See our ancestors before us like a portal cloud;
Visions, dreams, spirit journeys…life in the supernatural realm-
Seated with Yeshua, flying with Yahweh the soaring eagle;
Hearing Him speak a “Rhema” personal word-
Doing His pleasure..this in no way is absurd!
Yet this is our created purpose and destiny;
Creative, spontaneous dancing in worship, loving others, this is good; it’s plain to see-
A challenge for you to come up higher…the sky’s not the limit, taste and see;
This is the secret of true spirituality-

By: Dani’El Garvin (Okinow)

Dani’El Garvin has many books that I recommend highly. Just visit his Amazon Author site to see what all he has to offer and to order!

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