The Three Levels of Spirituality


By Benjamin Raven Pressley

    I have a good friend named Dani’el Garvin. Dani’El is a Miq’maq elder, believer and follower of Jesus/Yahshua, missionary, and author. He wrote a poem called the Three Levels of Spirituality that intrigued me. It is, of course, much more than a poem. I think it capsulizes and explains this subject better than anything I have read.
The fact is that you cannot deny that there are levels of spirituality. Coming up in a traditional Christian church I was always taught that there was God and the devil, period. But if you read the Holy Bible objectively you will find it speaks of three levels of spirituality. What are these three levels? Perhaps knowing what the three levels are will help you evaluate what level you are on and help you decide where you need to be. I wrote this with respect to all sincere seekers of truth and hope it will challenge and cause all to examine their spirituality with a sincere and open mind.


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