By Benjamin Raven Pressley

     I have seen very few subjects that seem to inflame and divide the Body of Christ (the church) as much as the subject of speaking in tongues. It is probably the single most common practice that divides the church down the middle. All denominations can be classified as either Pentecostal (or charismatic) or non-pentecostal (or non-charismatic). And usually this translates to tongue speaking or non-tongue speaking. It is disturbing to me how quick many are willing to separate themselves from those who practice this gift. And it is just that, a gift, a tool, nothing more. It is not even the most important gift according to Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:5. That being said, I am not saying it is not an important gift. Any gift God gives is important. If it weren’t He would not have given it.


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