God of the Voids

By Benjamin Raven Pressley

He is God of the void. Where we see gaps but he is busy connecting all the dots. I think if we are truthful we all sometimes look at life as a bunch of disconnected events and non-sensical jumbled up elements. I think we see life sometimes as some of us would view a ball of knotted up thread or string or something not worthy of anything but throwing away because it has become such a mess and we don’t have the time or skill to untie it all and make sense of it. In reality there might just be a knot here or there if removed could return a string back to something useful. We see messes and are quick to label something incurable or unworthy of our time and consideration. We see life as a bunch of disconnected events when if we would just look a little closer through God’s eyes we would see he is keeping it all connected and knows exactly what needs to be done to correct the situation. He keeps up with every place we went wrong or went down a trail we shouldn’t have or made a bad decision. He is not surprised or caught off guard EVER! We see life as a dark trail going through some uncharted woods, we hear all the scary sounds around us and just when it seems life can’t get any scarier the big bad wolf jumps in front of us scaring what little courage we have left out of us and we just know we will be devoured and that this is the end. And to some it does end right there because we give up and see no hope. (more…)

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