Dani’El Garvin

I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Dani’El Garvin. He is a fellow author and a Micmac elder. He has published several books that I highly recommend that are worth reading. He is a Writer, Poet, Author, Missionary, Native American, Indigenous Counselor, Eagle Dancer, Blowgun Champion and Conference Speaker. He has ministered and counseled all over North America and Indonesia. His spiritual insights are incredible. He bridges the gap amazingly between Native American beliefs and the gospel.  He connects the gospel in Hebraic insights that make many complex issues easier to understand.  He also braves homosexual issues in a loving and non-condemning way. He addresses topics that the church-at-large do not want to tackle in an effort to correct and connect church history and its failures. He explains complex spiritual understanding in an understandable and loving way. Visit his author page and review and order each of his books by clicking below.


  Dani’El Garvin Author Page 




By Benjamin Raven Pressley

“Wake up little one.” I heard the voice say. It was ever so gentle like a loving mother or father would awaken their child.

“Huh, what is it? Who are you?” I responded ever so sleepily.  I was in a deep sleep indeed. It was a sleep like I had been asleep for a thousand years.

“Don’t fret about time. There is no such thing as time except in the minds of those who created such a construct,” The voice responded to my thoughts for I had not spoken aloud. “And don’t fret about thoughts and speech as if they are two different things. This also is a human created construct. Why is it humans rise up every morning and dress in chains as if they were clothing?” (more…)

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