Stormy Hill

At Jesus’ crucifixion have you ever wondered what things looked like to the angels that surrounded Christ invisible to man’s eyes, from their point of view? The crucifixion was a crossroads in eternity. It was the climax of the spiritual world and the line that divided the physical world from the spiritual world. That moment in time changed EVERYTHING. You better believe angels and demon spirits were present. No man took Jesus’ life; He laid down his life willingly to satisfy judgment and to the pay the price to save humankind. This story is my imagining of what this scene looked like from an angel that was there’s point of view.


“Do you not think that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?”

— Matthew 26:53.

 “No man takes my life from me from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received from My Father.” John 10:18


By Benjamin Raven Pressley


  I was there that day on that stormy hill. That day was like no other and there will never be another day like it.

   It was as if the lightnings of a thousand skies collided that day. And like great curtains eternity past and eternity future met that day at that great crossroads on that hill with the face of death upon it. And drawing it all like a lightning rod was the one, the only one that could reach one hand into the past and one into the future and draw them together into one great clash for all time.

   I’ll never forget it. Before him was every force of evil who ever had been or ever would be. Riding their pale horses came starvation, sickness and disease wielding their chains to bind the body and mind. On horses the color of blood came war, their riders breathing fire and surrounded by the screams of men, women and children. Following close behind them all were horses black as the burning ash and their riders were death and hell. A demonic horde surrounded them in the air about them like a choking cloud all about them and all about their feet.

   He stared at them all with teeth gripped in determination and no fear was in his eyes. As he pulled the cords of eternity past and eternity future they met for just a moment and like two mighty fists the earth shook in fury and the thunder did sound its voice. But still they would not meet as they yet pulled apart like two opposite forces that would not attract. Yet still he pulled in determination.

   Behind him was an army of light, mighty to behold. Every warrior had the power to destroy ten thousands. Each of them begged the great one to but say the word and they would destroy his tormentors and all who opposed him and set him free. But he would not. It was in this army that I could be found, anxiously waiting on my steed of light. I cried aloud to be his champion ready to lay down my very life to destroy the demonic horde before us but I dared not disobey he who held the lightnings in his hands.

   The wind did gather from the four corners of creation. The sea fomented great waves and clapped upon the shore. The very crust of the earth did creak and moan and shake. It was as if all of creation was in travail like some great mother about to give birth to the hope of all created things.

   His sweat became as drops of blood. Every muscle and sinew strained. Blood vessels burst forth. Mankind cried to his right and others from his left. Some cursed him and the mother who gave him birth. Others saw beyond the crossroads and saw a city with great foundations and cried out, “Remember me when you enter into your kingdom”.

  It was then every evil, sickness and wrong descended upon him like the darkest of clouds. And yet as it descended upon his shoulders it was as if it contained the weight of all who had ever walked the halls of life and death. And indeed it was so. How could he stand this weight when already he strained with eternity past and eternity future.

   Then it happened! It was like nothing I had ever seen! Eternity became One! All that was past and all that ever would be came crashing together like some cosmic flood. The earth shook and split and became a line drawn in the sands of eternity. Where once was a curtain that divided God and man, it was no more, torn in two completely, never to divide again as his voice  cried a cry that echoed down the corridors of forever as he cried, “It is finished!”

   We watched in expectation of what would happen next. All the forces of evil, they stood on one side of that line. It was a line they feared the most. They quaked in fear. They could not cross it. We in the forces of light smiled in great expectation for we knew the name of that line as well as they. Though its name had not always been clear. This day there would be no doubt its name. Its name is CHOICE. On one side of that line it was clear there was all that was evil. Every consequence was clear to see that day. On the other was the power to become a son of God and a ticket to the heavenly.

   It was in this great chasm between good and evil that the mighty one descended, his work almost done. We stood there eye to eye with that devil horde. For three days we waited and stood. Throughout our camp day by day we felt anticipation and hope spread like a warm breeze on a sunny day. But in the other camp it was growing cold! A dark cloud of despair and defeat was gathering. Lightning struck frequently striking fear into the heart of everyone in that camp.

   Then it happened! From the heart of the earth the great one ascended. From that great chasm that divided our camps he arose. Dressed in crimson and followed by the rejoicing of captives who had been set free! He ascended and hovered above our camps. What a sight to behold! Close behind the saints they came, weakened, depraved, naked and stripped of their power, Death, Hell and the Grave. Then the very epitome of evil, that fallen one also came. He could not look upon the saints or he who had risen the firstborn of many. He knew he was defeated. He knew what his future held. He knew his time was shorter than ever before. The great one shook the keys he had stripped from the hands of Death, Hell and the Grave. The evil one trembled and hung his head in shame. He tried to cover his nakedness, but it was obvious he had been exposed. Then the mighty one did one more act. He walked up to that evil one and spoke. The evil one trembled before what he saw and heard as a two-edged sword came forth from his mighty throat. The evil one fell at his feet and the great one placed his foot on his neck in front of all his evil horde.  He looked to the saints and his words fell upon the ears of all the living, as he said, “So shall you do to your enemy!” He bruised the evil one’s head and the evil one bruised his heel. The devil horde dared not challenge he who was light and all that was right. They dismounted and scattered in defeat. The evil one naked and shamed was grabbed by the neck and forced to look down into the great chasm and shuddered in fear as he beheld that captivity had been set free and hell had enlarged itself. It called his name and he knew it was a place prepared for him and all who followed him. As he crawled away in shame he knew that truth had ascended like a sun shining on a darkened world. And all of creation knew it and could no longer deny the choice before them, to live or to die, to be blessed or to be cursed.

   The mighty one then knelt but for a moment and shed a tear for those few who would yet choose death and eternal damnation. Then he gave this charge to all the living: “I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. Go and tell all those who live and yet shall be born. Choose life. And for all who choose I will give power to become a son of God.”

   He then appeared to His disciples and many others before He ascended on high. All creation rejoiced as he ascended. And as he arose a great light did cover the earth. Then they heard his voice once more, as he said, “Be ready! For I will come again!”


By Benjamin Raven Pressley

Grace. Someone has said GRACE is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. That is pretty accurate. Living by grace is living out the fact that it is all about Jesus and what He accomplished. It is about resting in who He is and not trying to re-invent the wheel, so-to-speak. It is about living out what He accomplished. It is about stopping trying to do it ourselves. It is about living out the fact that what Christ accomplished was good enough and not adding to or taking away from it. It is realizing we cannot be good enough but He is….and that is good enough for us all.

If we truly live in grace our yoke is easy, our burden is light (Matthew 11:30). How is this possible? Life is not easy or light. It often seems to be a taskmaster placing a yoke of cruel servitude on our necks. Yet Jesus says in Matthew 11:29-30 “29Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Rest, easy, light? This seems like a contradiction almost a mockery when we look at life and its reality. To understand this truth we must consider the example Jesus is giving. We don’t plow with oxen anymore so we have to look back at Jesus’ time to understand. When a young ox was being trained it was yoked with an older experienced ox. They were taken out to the field to plow. The young ox would fight the yoke and the commands of the master. The old ox did not fight. Before long the young ox would stop fighting as he realized the less he fought the easier it was. Furthermore as he calmed himself he realized the majority of the work and load was being carried and done by the old ox anyway. Then, suddenly, the yoke became easy and the burden light. We are like that young ox when we fight and try to do things our way. It is only when we stop fighting that we realize Christ is like that older ox. He is actually carrying the load. When we yield to Him we begin to experience grace and life’s yoke will become easy and life’s burden will become light. He is the master ox. Stop fighting. Stop trying to do things your own way. Just walk with Him for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We make life tougher on ourselves than it needs to be. Sure life is tough sometimes but we are not supposed to carry our burdens and cares. We are supposed to cast our cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7).

In this study I want to help you understand what it really means to live by grace. But I have to be honest with you. Only God by His Spirit can really help you comprehend this. It is so with all truths. Still yourself. Pray for understanding and revelation as only He can do. Let God use the words He has given to me for you.

    Sin came into the world by one man, Adam, we were put back in right standing with God through one man, Jesus. By one man sin entered the world; by one man we are redeemed . How is this possible? Adam was the first man. In his loins were all mankind therefore sin was passed down to every child of Adam, and that includes you, me, all humankind. When Jesus came on the scene sinless, born of a virgin, not of sinful flesh, though he was born of a woman He was born without the curse of sin upon Him. Our sins and the judgment we deserved was placed upon Jesus on the cross. He was the only one who could do this….(Continued. Click Below.)








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