Laws of Attraction

children-with-tumpline-burden-baskets-kissingLAWS OF ATTRACTION

I am amazed at the people that can’t figure out why they have such miserable lives when all they hang out with are losers and bad influences…

By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley

I am an observer of people. I have a little psychology background but mostly I am a ‘student of people’. You can learn a lot by watching other people. You can learn from others’ mistakes if you are wise and choose not to make the same mistakes they made. One thing I have observed for a long time though is you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the kind of people they hang out with. And I am amazed at the people that can’t figure out why they have such miserable lives when all they hang out with are losers and bad influences. Lowering the bar in your life will only attract a lower class of people. Set your standard high and that is the class of people you will attract. Whether people consciously observe you or not you can bet people around you notice you. They look at the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you carry yourself and the people you hang out with. Like it or not if you are smart you will be the person you really want to attract. If you want to attract losers, takers and abusers then hang out with losers, takers and abusers…but don’t blame anyone but yourself if that is all you attract. Any successful business person will tell you that part of the reason for their success is hanging out with successful people. They watch people that are modeling a certain characteristic and they become more and more like they want to be. You can’t get anywhere good or worthwhile hanging out with negative people. They will drain you and still demand more. Take time to assess your life objectively every now and then. Just step back and think what you would say to yourself if you were another person. Constructively be hard enough on yourself to help yourself. Honestly assess who your ‘friends’ are. And clean house! Get bad influences and negativity out of your life. Know your worth. Believe in yourself and your worth. Say no to some people that are draining you.  Set some boundaries ancient-book-promoso people respect you. Don’t enable and reward bad behavior from your children or your so-called friends. Break the cycle. Get off the crazy train. Drama will drain you. Get drama out of your life. Sometimes that requires moving, quitting a job, ending draining relationships. Do what you have to do. Be wise, be objective, make sure what you are doing is the right thing to do. But be harshly honest with yourself. Get advice from experts or wise people if needed. Make plans, then burn the bridges and move on. Now, I hope you know I’m not talking about abandoning dependent young children or anything. Weigh out and be  wise but when it comes down to it do what you need to do. Stop letting people and your bad life choices hold you back. You will attract who you act like. So stop blaming everything and everyone in life for your misery and figure out what YOU can do to change things.

“Bad company corrupts good morals.” (1 Corinthians 15:33)

“As a person thinks in their heart so are they.” (Proverbs 23:7)


“God travels wonderful ways with human beings, but he does not comply with the views and opinions of people. God does not go the way that people want to prescribe for him; rather, his way is beyond all comprehension, free and self-determined beyond all proof. Where reason is indignant, where our nature rebels, where our piety anxiously keeps us away: that is precisely where God loves to be. There he confounds the reason of the reasonable; there he aggravates our nature, our piety—that is where he wants to be, and no one can keep him from it. Only the humble believe him and rejoice that God is so free and so marvelous that he does wonders where people despair, that he takes what is little and lowly and makes it marvelous. And that is the wonder of all wonders, that God loves the lowly…. God is not ashamed of the lowliness of human beings. God marches right in. He chooses people as his instruments and performs his wonders where one would least expect them. God is near to lowliness; he loves the lost, the neglected, the unseemly, the excluded, the weak and broken.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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