2017 12-09

Stormy Hill

At Jesus’ crucifixion have you ever wondered what things looked like to the angels that surrounded Christ invisible to man’s eyes, from their point of view? The crucifixion was a crossroads in eternity. It was the climax of the spiritual world and the line that divided the physical world from the spiritual world. That moment in time changed EVERYTHING. You better believe angels and demon spirits were present. No man took Jesus’ life; He laid down his life willingly to satisfy judgment and to the pay the price to save humankind. This story is my imagining of what this scene looked like from an angel that was there’s point of view. (more…)

2017 10-26

The Journey

THE TRAVELER’S JOURNAL: A   collection of stories and poems for the journey!



By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley

   In this post I wanted to just share several thoughts on this journey we all are on, this journey called life. A journey that is easier for some than others but then that is only in how one looks at one’s circumstances. It certainly is different for all of us. And this life is but a chapter, perhaps volume one, of a journey that leads us to the gates of eternity and who knows what lies beyond that gate we call death. Each and everyday I realize more and more that on this journey I only have the power to change me and that I need help from a higher power if I am going to even achieve that. I don’t have to change the world. That is God’s job. And I realize that higher power, whom I call God, can be trusted and that He is more than able to take ANY person from where THEY are to where they need to be. And that journey is different for us all. It isn’t a race we win and everybody else in the race loses. It is a race where those who arrive at the finish line hear the very same words, “Welcome. Enter in to the place I have prepared for you.” (more…)

2017 10-18


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By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley



Part 1

I am really looking forward to sharing a 3 part series with you on Relationships. This series will discuss friendship, church, marriage and many relationships. Don’t miss a single part! Invite your friends to view. Share on social media. This is going to be a series that will help everyone.


Relationships. Why are they so difficult sometimes? (more…)

2017 09-14

Is There A Particular Posture I Should Pray In?

Written by Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley


    People pray in all kinds of postures. Some pray in churches, synagogues, outdoors, standing on some sacred site. Some kneel, some stand, some rock like the flame of a candle, some walk, some pray silent, some pray out loud. It really doesn’t matter. (more…)

2017 08-16


Warrior Scout Series

By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley & Fernan David Vargas

I am really excited about this joint effort with my friend Fernan. He is a martial arts instructor that has written many books himself. He knows self defense! When he approached me about this project I immediately got excited. In a world of conflict we offer the first in this series to prepare anyone for the many scenarios of life. It is the right blend of self defense, survival skills and positive philosophy. Order your copy today!


“Pressley and Vargas have provided an excellent tool for getting back to our basics, for re-discovering the complexity and totality of survival. In Volume One of the Warrior Scout series, they address all the basic skills that everyone should know — water, food, navigation, etc.

But they do so in the context of the awareness that civilizations rise and fall. Why did they fall, and what can we do about it today?

These authors have provided the tools for a larger understanding, that you  must have a purpose, and you must have a belief in a higher power, if you are to break out of mere mundanity. In Volume 1, they provide many keys for re-embracing our tribal roots, including protecting our own tribes, as everyone automatically did at one time.  Basics of fighting and defense skills are presented — such as the Lucky Seven,–  and how to use your walking stick as the tool it is.

Pressley is one of the old-timers in this field, and is highly respected for his experience, and his original thinking on key elements of survival training.   Volume 1 of Warrior Scout is strongly recommended for  your tribe’s training.”

Christopher Nyerges

Survival Instructor Since 1974

School of Self Reliance




2017 07-29


By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley

    We are living in a generation and society that is obsessed with sex! Examples are some public figure who brags and keeps track of how many sexual exploits they have had. People are often judged on whether they would be good in bed. Billboards and advertisers use sex to sell. You can hardly watch a TV show that doesn’t depict a couple having sex in graphic images; it doesn’t matter that the scene has nothing to do with the story. Often those who identify as gay or transgender make bold proclamations of it defining who they are by their sexuality. Young girls are pressured to look like the models on the covers of magazines. Infidelity in marriages often happens due to one partner or the other judging that one they loved so much because now suddenly they don’t look as good as the movie star on TV or some other person who does.

2017 06-11





Satan tempting Eve asked her, “Has God really said…” (Genesis 3:1). He was basically saying God’s word is unreliable, (more…)

2017 06-06


By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley


Ah, the joy of parenting, sweet little babies…then they start growing up and having a mind of their own and the challenges really begin. Then you have all these ‘experts’ writing books on how to raise a child as if there is one book, one size fits all. You can really get confused if you read a lot of books on the subject too because one book contradicts another. (more…)

2017 05-01


I have written a great new fantasy action series called RAVENQUEST. It is 7 volumes of action, adventure, original characters and more. Written for all ages, young and old. Family friendly. Raven and Skyeyes are the principle characters. They are simple folk living off the land; my expertise in survival skills reflects in this attribute of these characters. When they find a sword in a cave it changes everything and they become the heroes of Terra Zem. It is great fun and very inspiring.


2017 01-06

It Is What It Is

is-what-it-isBy Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley

The Zodiac and all the various forms of divination in our time, in my opinion, is only part of the grand illusion people want to have that they are in control of things to come. Truth is we have no control. (more…)

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